2006. gads :: Jaunieši pret diskrimināciju: Nestāvi malā, iejaucies!

25.02.2015. 18:19

This is meant to be an exchange program on culture and solidarity between Latvian and Catalonian youth with the aim of fostering mutual knowledge and encouraging the participants to become more aware of the European context where we live. At the same time they will be given the opportunity to show in a practical way how much they care for society.

In order to reach the set goals our activities are based on  the actual putting into practice of the main qualities (sociability, solidarity, solicitude towards others) of a citizen who really cares for his or her country and its people. The plan offers a variety of methods that encourage equality, respect and tolerance so as to avoid any kind of exclusion or discrimination because of cultural, social, or geographical reasons.

We also expect the participants to get involved in educational activities which promote democratic values and reinforce the sense of belonging to Europe: round tables, discussions, informative seminars, etc.

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