2007. gads

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26.02.2015. 22:27
This exchange program between Lithuanian and the three other invited countries (Latvia, Estonia, and Finland), seeks to reinforce their cooperation bonds and go deeper into the intercultural and intercultural awareness of each other‘s cultures, religions and the influence of these two treasures in the everyday life, traditions and celebrations held and cherished in each country as part of their unique heritage.
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26.02.2015. 22:37
The interdisciplinary seminar is organized by 4 youth associations of Latvia, Finland, Lithuania and Estonia with the aim to analyze the world of gastronomy as a sign of identity in Europe and as a form to promote intercultural relations among the different countries of the EU. We think that these actions nourish the imagination and creative sense of young Europeans and help them feel as members of a United Europe.
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27.02.2015. 08:40
2007.gada jūlijā Kultūras Centrs „Rīva” un Madrides biedrība „Vega” piedalījas ES projektā „Jauna un vienota Eiropa: Visi vienādi, katrs atšķirīgs”. Projekts notika Latvijā.