2007. gads :: Projekts - “Kultūru, reliģiju un tradīcīju integrēšana ES kontekstā”

26.02.2015. 22:27

This exchange program between Lithuanian and the three other invited countries (Latvia, Estonia, and Finland), seeks to reinforce their cooperation bonds and go deeper into the intercultural and intercultural awareness of each other‘s cultures, religions and the influence of these two treasures in the everyday life, traditions and celebrations held and cherished in each country as part of their unique heritage.

It will be a great opportunity to take a closer look at their peculiar reality before and after the incorporation of all these countries into the EU. Thus it fosters a better grasp of one‘s own nation‘s current situation and needs, as well as a significant eye-opening experience towards the near future of these young EU members as the builders of a well-integrated society where equal opportunities are available for all citizens.

We expect that through the study and development of the activities foreseen in the programme through a truly European perspective of this important issue, the participants would acquire a better understanding of this phenomenon, learn basic values of common life as tolerance and solidarity, equality of human beings and their right to living in conditions according to their full human dignity. 

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