2010. gads :: ES Projekts – „Eiropa, runāsim caur attēliem”

27.02.2015. 08:51

The project will be organized in Barcelona and Huesca in Spain. The main purpose of this project is to encourage Spanish, Lithuanian and Latvian youth to meet the culture of these countries through images. Nowadays, youth lives in a society of images.

One picture sometimes says even more than thousand words. With this project we are going to conform to the language of youth by using visual aids in the process of meeting culture, traditions and mores of other countries. 

At the initial stage of project the participants from Lithuania and Latvia will have to collect photos, which reflect the daily life and features of their countries: nature, architecture, nourishment, mores and people.  Later, during the meeting in Spain, they will have to share this material with  participants from Spain  and to introduce  them to their countries.  The partcipants from Spain will do the same – present Spain through collected pictures. In addition to this, we hope to achieve the aim of the project by invoking theatre.

The participants will have to prepare a play, representing their traditional culture: Lithuanians will perform a famous legend about the establishment of Vilnius (the capital of Lithuania); Spanish will act some extracts from „Don Kichoto“ , because this writing introduces the culture of medieval Spain; Latvians will also prepare a performance of a well-known legend. We are certain that these activities will ensure active involvement of participants in the implementation of the project and thus wil help to achieve the main aim of this project – to meet other cultures through the exchange of minds.

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