2012. gads :: Vai tu gribi piedalīties ES Projekts „Art Gastronomy”?

27.02.2015. 15:29

Seminārs jaunietēm Tallinnā ar meitenēm no Igaunijas, Latvijas, Somijas un Spānijas.

6.-14. jūlijā Igaunijā
Meitenes no 15 līdz 25 gadiem

Art Gastronomy is a youth exchange program for 8 days with about participants from Estonia, Latvia, Finland and Spain. The takes place in Tallinn. It has been initiated by various students from vocational schools who work in the sector of hotel management. The youth want to show and understand cookery as creative art through the informal activities and using practical and creative study-methods, which fosters dialouge with people from other cultures. The youth exchange enables the young people who finish their studies to find a job. They have the courage to be enterprising in this area with creativity and self-confidence. Changing ideas and experiences with people from other countries enrich and increase the self-knowledge of an European citizen, valuing first of all the peculiarities of their own country (the national dishes, traditions, history, language).


Darbnīcas, lomu spēles, filmas, mūzikas vakars, kultūras vizītes, utt.

Workshops: ArtWorking. Lifestyle. Gastronomy and Art.  Food and film. Gourmets...

Vietu skaits: ierobežots
Pieteikšanās: līdz 25. jūnijam
Vairāk informācijas: tālr. 29778262/ 67325080. riva@riva.lv  

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